Kreativ Blogger Award

To my surprise fellow author, blogger and wonderful critique partner Gayle C Krause has honored my humble blog with the Kreativ Blogger Award.

I’d like to thank Gayle for following my blog and passing the word along to others. Gayle is an accomplished writer and author of the rhyming picture book Rock Star Santa available from Scholastic. You can visit her blog at The Storytellers Scroll where you will find lively discussions on writing, contests and much more.

Now according to the rules I must share seven unknown facts about myself.

  1. As a child if I didn’t have a book, I paged through the encyclopedia hunting for Greek or Norse myths to read.
  2. I’m an avid Tolkien fan and learned to read and write in ‘Elf.’ In high school I took all of my history notes in elf script.
  3. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in botany and horticulture.
  4. I collect kaleidoscopes. It’s fun to view the world through a different perspective.
  5. I enjoy kayaking.
  6. I once had a plant for a pet.
  7. I might be able to survive without chocolate but I couldn’t live without tomatoes.

And enough about me. I’d like to send you off to visit some other great writing blogs.

Friend and fellow writer Kimberly Sabatini’s blog Kim’s book Touching the Surface will be out October 2012. I had the privilege of reading the first rough draft and loved it even then.

The Book Shelf Muse home of the awesome emotional thesaurus.



About roxanne werner

Mild mannered mom by day, free time lost in my imagination. My journey started with Santa. Every year I raced to the Christmas tree and searched until I found the special present, the heavy one, signed 'love Santa'--a book. I would curl up and start reading, often not coming up for air until the story was done. As an adult I still look for the one special present under my tree, signed from Santa. It's the heavy one I open first--a new book, a new world to explore. I grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey but reading let me travel through space and time. I visited the future with H.G. Wells, Middle Earth with J.R.R.Tolkien. I had the best of companions, characters who made me laugh, cry, and catch my breath. My sixth grade teacher opened up another world for me. Each week we were assigned to write a story. I had made up stories in my head before, but never attempted to write them down. It was the best homework I ever had. I couldn't wait to put down my ideas and create characters of my own. I was hooked on writing. Time passed and though I remained an avid reader, writing was put aside. I had a family to raise and a full time job. Now that my son is going to be sixteen, I'm getting ready to retire my 'mom hat.' Two years ago I decided to pursue writing as more than a hobby. I packed up my imagination, a pen, my PC, mustered up my courage, and began a new journey. It's been filled with ups and downs, but I won't ever go back. Like Frodo, I've learned there's a big wide world out there. Once you take one step out of your door, you are swept up and taken for an adventure. It's scary and wonderful. I've made great friends and learned so much. If I'm brave and don't give up, one day a child will pick up a heavy present under their tree and open it to find one of my stories.
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One Response to Kreativ Blogger Award

  1. David R. Landis says:

    Hi Roxanne,
    Good to hear from you. I’m still rewriting No Eggs Today and hope to send it off some day soon.
    Elf notes in high school????
    Dave Landis

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