Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Story Pie Press delivers Good News just in time for the holidays.

Good News Nelson
Written by: Jodi Moore
Illustrated by: Brendan Flannelly-King
Published by: Story Pie Press, December 4, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-9842178-3-0
Price: $14.99
Ages: 4-9
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by: Roxanne Werner
Synopsis: Paperboy Nelson only delivers the news to his neighbors; good or bad, it is not his to control. But cranky old Mrs. Snodberry’s reaction to a story about abandoned cats makes Nelson wonder if he can do something.

Good News Nelson combines the talents of Jodi Moore, author of When A Dragon Moves In, and illustrator Brendan Flannelly-King. Together they create an uplifting story without any sugary after taste.
Packaged in an oversized hardcover edition, the jacket design echoes the newspaper theme. The black and white back cover sports a bold headline and story column layout. Inside Flannelly-King’s illustrations provide a muted backdrop for the developing story.
Paperboy Nelson finds it is not enough to deliver or read the news. It is not even enough to care. Bad news doesn’t turn into good news without people taking action.

Crotchety Mrs. Snodberry’s pessimism is the perfect foil to Nelson’s youthful enthusiasm. With a tip of the hat to Dicken’s Scrooge, her “bahs” are the spur to Nelson taking action.
But what can one person do–especially one small boy?

Young readers will find Nelson’s story both inspiring and empowering. The plan he devises to help save one hundred abandoned kittens is practical. He comes up with an idea and carries it out by himself. Although adults become involved, Nelson is the pebble that starts an avalanche of goodwill.
Readers will root for one small boy who refuses to give up and let bad news rule the day.


About roxanne werner

Mild mannered mom by day, free time lost in my imagination. My journey started with Santa. Every year I raced to the Christmas tree and searched until I found the special present, the heavy one, signed 'love Santa'--a book. I would curl up and start reading, often not coming up for air until the story was done. As an adult I still look for the one special present under my tree, signed from Santa. It's the heavy one I open first--a new book, a new world to explore. I grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey but reading let me travel through space and time. I visited the future with H.G. Wells, Middle Earth with J.R.R.Tolkien. I had the best of companions, characters who made me laugh, cry, and catch my breath. My sixth grade teacher opened up another world for me. Each week we were assigned to write a story. I had made up stories in my head before, but never attempted to write them down. It was the best homework I ever had. I couldn't wait to put down my ideas and create characters of my own. I was hooked on writing. Time passed and though I remained an avid reader, writing was put aside. I had a family to raise and a full time job. Now that my son is going to be sixteen, I'm getting ready to retire my 'mom hat.' Two years ago I decided to pursue writing as more than a hobby. I packed up my imagination, a pen, my PC, mustered up my courage, and began a new journey. It's been filled with ups and downs, but I won't ever go back. Like Frodo, I've learned there's a big wide world out there. Once you take one step out of your door, you are swept up and taken for an adventure. It's scary and wonderful. I've made great friends and learned so much. If I'm brave and don't give up, one day a child will pick up a heavy present under their tree and open it to find one of my stories.
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3 Responses to Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Story Pie Press delivers Good News just in time for the holidays.

  1. Love this book. Love you. Did you get my email of gushing thanks for the sweat shirt???? I wore it all day the day the book launched. Love it!!!!

  2. Thanks, Roxanne, for your review. I’m delighted to know that Good News Nelson is out in time for the holidays. I look forward to reading it, and it will make a great gift for the grandchildren.

  3. Sounds like a cute read. Thanks for the review.

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